Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Allele, 1997
William Carlson
Courtyard between the Department of Biochemistry and College of Dentistry
University of Illinois at Chicago campus
700 South Halsted Street

            Commissioned by the Art-in-Architecture Program of the Illinois Capital Development Fund, this 16 foot-tall granite sculpture is located near Terrence Karpowicz’s Symbiotic Parallax. Both sculptures play with the use of negative space within monumental forms, Karpowicz using Cor-ten steel while Carlson works with granite. 
           Like Carlson’s other work in the city, Delicato Balencia, located near Lincoln Park Zoo, this sculpture features rough-hewn rectilinear forms surrounding a shiny sphere. Here, the spherical shape seems delicately balanced within the four segments, which are firmly positioned but not perfectly lined up. As if shaken by a tremor, the work plays upon the tension of weightiness and potential movement.  

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