Have a Dream

Have a Dream, 1995
C. Siddha Sila
40th Street and King Drive

            Rev. C. Siddha Sila, one of the core artists in the Chicago Public Art Group,  began his career in the 1970’s lettering inspirational text onto WilliamWalker's and Mitchell Caton’s murals. Twenty years later, some of his most important pieces were created on the South Side, including Eternal Life, Love, Freedom (1991), New Life, New Love (1996) located at 1140 North Lamon, and this mural honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
            Using enamel paint on concrete, the artist combines Dr. King’s words with various images of him. African figures can also be seen in the background. Sadly, this mural not only shows signs of weathering, but vandalism. Graffiti even marks over Dr. King’s face.

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