Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Riverview, 1980
Jerry Peart
19th District Police Station
2452 West Belmont Avenue

            From 1904 to 1967, Riverview Park, a much-beloved and the last of the city’s amusement parks, occupied 74 acres, with the north end located at North Western and West Belmont Avenues. The circular arc of Peart’s sculpture and the bright colors of the enamel paint are reminiscent of the rollercoasters and more than 100 other carnival rides that once occupied this location. Jerry Peart (born 1948), who has created a number of outdoor works displayed in Chicago-area locations, likes to combine colors to create a mood.  This piece was crafted from a rolled aluminum plate that was cut and welded in his studio and then assembled on-site. Peart’s sculptures do not have a barrier and, thus, many of his large-scale pieces become interactive as the public tends to climb or play on them.

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