Monday, September 9, 2013

A Man of Sorrows: Charles L. Hutchinson Monument

A Man of Sorrows: Charles L. Hutchinson Monument, 1936
Alfeo Faggi
Graceland Cemetery
East central section across from The Crusader
4001 North Clark Street

            Although frequently misunderstood to be the gravesite of Charles L. Hutchinson (1854-1924), who was President of the Corn Exchange Bank and Board of Trade and, later, a founder of the Art Institute of Chicago, this monument marks the grave of a man with the same name but not related. According to John K. Notz, Jr., the more famous Hutchinson is interred in Graceland, although not in the "high rent district," and the family plot is noted only with two modest headstones specifying other members of his family.  
          The artist who created this monument, Alfeo Faggi (1885-1966) was known for his stylized forms and anti-Classical approach to the figure; this work harkens back to the low-relief tympanum sculptures associated with the Romanesque era. The central figure of Christ is shown surrounded by four figures and the Cross, visible in the right corner. Faggi also contributed works in this style to the St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Hyde Park.


  1. Oddly, the Charles Hutchinson (1828-1893) buried here is not the Charles L. Hutchinson (1853-1899), founder of the Art Institute of Chicago, who is buried in another section of Graceland. Was this monument properly located?

  2. Many thanks to R Lerch for bringing this to our attention. Many of our sources had made the same error and we have amended the entry for this monument.