Thursday, September 26, 2013

Commemorative Ground Ring

Commemorative Ground Ring, 1989
Shelia Klein
A. Montgomery Ward Park
South of West Erie and west of North Kingsbury Street

This stainless steel sculpture by Los Angeles artist Sheila Klein was part of the “Process Show” during Sculpture Chicago 1989, a now-defunct local non-profit organization that showcased public works at Riverfront Plaza by artists from around the world. Resembling a giant engagement ring, the piece incorporates features of the city’s architectural legacy, including a skyscraper, the three-part Chicago window, and the Getty Mausoleum by architect Louis Sullivan. Klein stated the sculpture was, “a tangible symbol of my love for Chicago architecture.”
At the conclusion of Sculpture Chicago 1989, the work was purchased by the Miro Fund specifically to be placed 
near the Chicago Historical Society (now called the Chicago History Museum). It was installed at the corner of West North Avenue and North Clark Street in 1990. (The Children’s Fountain by Robinson Iron is now in this location.) 
          When the museum made changes to the landscape in the mid-1990s, Commemorative Ground Ring was moved to a small north side park. When that park was renovated, the piece was put into storage by the Chicago Park District. It was finally retrieved and installed in 2005 in its current location in a park honoring  Aaron Montgomery Ward.

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