Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grande Disco

Grande Disco, 1968
Arnaldo Pomodoro
University of Chicago
Ellis Plaza
5812 South Ellis Avenue

            This 14-foot tall bronze disc enacts a dialectic tension between the parts and the whole that has interested Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro (born 1926) for decades. The smooth, polished surface gives way to a complex, open-work pattern of machine-like parts. Whether understood as revealing the functioning parts of a technological device or indicating a crisis at hand due to the ravaging of an otherwise perfect form, Pomodoro’s large-scale bronze works have inspired a number of different interpretations. Their ambiguity allows for such variety and descriptions often are affected by the location and surrounding buildings. While this piece sits in front of the Brain Research Center at the University of Chicago, there are at least five other versions of Grande Disco on public display, in cities such as Milan, Italy; Darmstadt, Germany; Charlotte, North Carolina and Purchase, New York.

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