Mother and Child

Mother and Child, 1968
Sorel Etrog
University of Chicago
Near entrance to Cummings Life Science Center
920 East 58th Street

            Given by the Sara Lee Corporation, this bronze work by Romanian-born, Canadian artist Sorel Etrog has replaced sculptures by Antoine Poncet, Aileronde and Oreillart, which had been installed in 1970 for the opening of the Cummings Life Science Center. The addition of the Etrog work makes sense, as it joins another bronze piece, Pulcinella II, by the same artist in a nearby courtyard.
            Exhibiting Etrog’s characteristic combination of rough textures alongside smooth geometrical organic forms, Mother and Child speaks to his interest in figurative styles associated with non-Western art. He was able to study such forms with the help of a scholarship from the Brooklyn Museum Art Institute in 1958. 

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