Our Heroes: Civil War Monument

Our Heroes: Civil War Monument, 1869-70
Leonard Wells Volk
Rosehill Cemetery
East central section
5800 North Ravenswood Avenue

            A Union standard bearer, holding a flag in his left hand and bugle in his right, is depicted in marble and stands atop a 30-foot tall square limestone shaft. The monument is dedicated to Union soldiers who died in the Civil War and 230 veterans are buried in large plots east of this site.  
          The four bronze plaques at the base show members of the four branches of the military: Union cavalry, infantry, artillery and naval units. The artist, Leonard Volk, is buried in this cemetery as well and is best known for his plaster casts of Abraham Lincoln’s face and hands, made in 1860 and used by many other sculptors, such as Augustus Saint-Gaudens, in their own portrayals of the 16th President.

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