Polyphony II

Polyphony II, 1964
Egon Weiner
Southeast corner of St. Joseph Hospital
2900 North Lake Shore Drive

            Polyphony, in musical terms, is when two or more simultaneous melodic lines are perceived as independent even though they are related. This open form, welded bronze construction, created by Chicago sculptor Egon Weiner, suggests lightning bolts or arrows that intersect even as they appear to move in different directions. Located on the grounds of St. Joseph Hospital, the white, cylindrical concrete base echoes the shafts on the lower level of the building. 
          Closely related in form to Polyphony, a sculpture displayed on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, this work is not far from another Weiner sculpture, The Brotherhood Monument, which sits at the entrance of the St. Joseph Hospital Professional Offices.

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