Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Vincentian Letter

Vincentian Letter, 2000
Alexander Tylevich
DePaul University Plaza
14 East Jackson Boulevard

          The two elements of the piece feature an "envelope" and an "open letter" intended to be read by those who pass the sculpture. On the letter side of the sculpture is a bas-relief image of St. Vincent in bronze.
          On the envelope side, the history of DePaul is told through artistic interpretation of archival documents, including an heraldic cross, an image of the fleur-de-lis (the symbol of France), the university's Tree of Wisdom logo and a profile image of a young person. Rev. Edward Udovic, C.M., senior executive for University Mission at DePaul, noted that the piece was erected at a time when DePaul was focusing more attention on its South Loop campus.

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