Monday, October 7, 2013

Woman Observing the World and Striding Man

Woman Observing the World
Striding Man

Woman Observing the World and Striding Man, 1951 (installed 1965)
Abbott L. Pattison
3440 North Lake Shore Drive Apartments

            These two bronze figures were cast at the Marinelli foundry in Florence, Italy, used by Chicago sculptor Abbott Pattison throughout his career following a period of working there during the 1950s. The 7-foot tall Striding Man earned Pattison the first place award in the 1951/52 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s contemporary American sculpture show and Woman Observing the World was exhibited at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago.  

          Demonstrating Pattison’s cubist-inflected figurative approach, which combines realistic elements with abstracted anatomical references, the works were purchased in 1965 by Louis Solomon of the firm Solomon, Cordwell, and Buenz and placed in front of the building designed by the architects.

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