Nine Dragon Wall

Nine Dragon Wall, 2004
170 West Cermak Road

            The Nine Dragon Wall is located to the west of the CTA Red Line stop in Chinatown , on the northeast corner of West Cermak and South Wentworth Avenue. This well-traveled area of Chinatown showcases a wall similar to one located in BeiHai Park, Beijing, built in 1402. An example of traditional Chinese architecture, this wall was funded by the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. There are only three replicas of The Nine Dragon Wall outside of China. The nine large dragons and more than 500 other smaller dragons are painted in colors of good fortune: red, gold and blue. In Chinese culture, the symbol of the dragon is sacred and considered the emblem of Chinese national spirit. The number nine is believed to have magical powers. The original Nine Dragon Walls were built by the emperors of Ming and Qing dynasty to show the supremacy of their power.

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