Chicago's public art scene features many long-standing historical pieces but is a welcoming atmosphere for contemporary artists and community projects as well.

Many locations throughout the city are often changing with temporary sculptures and other outdoor art, especially as Chicago Sculpture International and city aldermen collaborate. The Chicago Public Art Group also continues to partner with neighborhoods to transform spaces.

On side streets as well as thoroughfares, it is common to see schools that have brightened their exteriors with intricate murals or building owners who have allowed large murals to be painted by community artists. 

The intent of this blog is to guide you as we describe some of the most important pieces and notable works within the city.  We hope to provide background and knowledge that helps the reader appreciate all the reasons these pieces are showcased in Chicago and hope each person will take the opportunity to see these works in person.  

We began with the intention of photographing and investigating permanent outdoor works of art that were free and accessible to the public. We plan to expand our content over time and will be adding additional photos of all the works we find.  Also, we make every attempt to find the newest pieces and will include them as well. Enjoy...and keep checking back.

-Dr. Wendy Koenig