Floor Clock II

Floor Clock II, 1989 (installed 1992)
Vito Acconci
Odgen Plaza Park
429 North Columbus Drive

            Commissioned in 1989 by Sculpture Chicago, a now-defunct non-profit organization, Floor Clock II was part of a temporary exhibition in the Equitable Building Plaza. It was moved to its current location in Ogden Park Plaza in 1992 after being purchased by the Chicago Dock & Canal Trust as part of an improvement project for Cityfront Center. Originally, the giant clock with granite numbers had moving parts, and the minute hand interacted with visitors seated on the numbers. Unfortunately, the moving hands have been missing for many years and the numbers appear to have been damaged by skateboards.
            Vito Acconci (born 1940) is best known for conceptual art, actions performed on his own body and works that explore the relationship between artist and viewer. For example, in Following Piece (1969) he randomly chose individuals walking in New York City and he followed them until they entered a space that was not public. He documented the experiences with photographs and textual descriptions. During the late 1970s he began creating installations that required public participation to complete the work.

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