Jack Brickhouse Memorial

Jack Brickhouse Memorial, 2000
Jerry McKenna
Pioneer Court 
401 North Michigan Avenue

Jack Brickhouse was a Hall of Fame Broadcaster best known for his coverage of Chicago sports: Chicago White Sox for 27 years, Chicago Bears for 24 years, Chicago Cubs for 40 years and he was the first voice of the Chicago Bulls. But Brickhouse was much more than sports. He held four honorary doctorates, and authored two bestselling biographies. He had exclusive broadcasts with six different United States presidents, covered numerous political conventions, the Roosevelt inauguration in 1945, London during Winston Churchill’s funeral  and a papal audience with Pope Paul VI.
Sponsored by the American Brain Tumor Association, the memorial sits just south of WGN Radio studios where Brickhouse spent many years on the air. In 2009, due to temperature changes and the vibrations of Michigan Avenue, the statue fell into disrepair and was taken down.  The Chicago Baseball Museum, upon request of Brickhouse’s widow, helped raise the funds to fix the piece and return it to its location in Pioneer Court.

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