Sunday, September 1, 2013


Crossing, 1998
Hubertus von der Goltz
Gateway Plaza
334 North LaSalle Street

This 25-foot high aluminum sculpture portrays a man precariously balanced atop a perch. The thin figure can be seen only in silhouette when viewed from either the north or south. German artist Hubertus von der Goltz conceived of the work as symbolizing the delicate balance of the commercial and cultural districts that converge along the LaSalle corridor.  He stated that the theme of his work “focuses on the individual and the balance between thought, action and existence.” He sees it “as a symbolic act: the balancing person has to concentrate on himself and his path - a basic human experience.” 
This piece is the one permanent work that stayed in Chicago after being showcased as a temporary installation when the 17th annual International Sculpture Conference was hosted in the city and featured works by artists from Belgium, Brazil, Austria, Germany and Korea.

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