Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Photo courtesy of the University of Chicago Law School

Diarchy, 1957 (installed 1978)
Kenneth Armitage
University of Chicago Law School
Laird Bell Quadrangle
1111 East 60th Street

            Diarchy is an example of the mature style of Kenneth Armitage (1916-2002), an English sculptor who studied at Leeds College of Art and the Slade School of Fine Art in London. In this work, Armitage combines flat areas with extended forms that indicate limbs, breasts and heads. His stylized human forms recall ancient Cycladic statues as well as the highly geometrized figures produced by the Dogon of Mali. The title Diarchy is the term for government by two rulers and the two figures appear to be inextricably linked by the flat screen that forms their bodies. The piece was donated to the University’s Law School by one of its graduates, Dino J. D’Angelo and his wife in 1978.

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