Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lowland Gorilla Family

Lowland Gorilla Family, 2004
Bill Wieger
Lincoln Park Zoo, 2001 North Clark Street
Near Regenstein Center for African Apes

In this free-standing bronze sculpture, a female gorilla holds an infant gorilla that reaches toward an adult male. A fourth figure, a juvenile gorilla, is set off from the group, gazing at a butterfly on a branch. The zoo commissioned Wieger (born 1966), an artist from Louisville Kentucky, for the commission. He notes on his website that he has “an absolute love of and passion for wildlife,” and he is involved with several animal conservation groups. Another bronze Lowland Gorilla sculpture is located at the Louisville Zoo. His other work can be seen in films because his talents were put to use for Steve Johnson’s XFX, Inc., a special effects company in California. Wieger is credited with work on “Species,” “Steel,” “The Associate” and “Titanic.”

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