Fox Box Hybrid

Fox Box Hybrid, 1979
Richard Hunt
900-910 North Lake Shore Drive Apartments

            This 9-foot high, welded-steel sculpture was provided by Stein and Company, the developers responsible for the conversion into condominiums of the two apartment buildings at this location. The Esplanade apartments, completed in 1955 and designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, demonstrate the architect’s first use of a true curtain wall (a façade element that is attached the structure but not load bearing).  Given their proximity to Lake Michigan, the aluminum and glass buildings offer residents a stunning view of the water and sky.
            Another of Richard Hunt’s “hybrid” sculptures, this work features the matte patina acquired by Cor-Ten steel when it is exposed to the elements. It combines geometric and curvilinear foliate forms, acknowledging both the sleek modernism of the nearby towers as well as the natural features that make Lake Shore Drive a desired address. 

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