We Will

We Will, 2005
Richard Hunt
The Heritage at Millennium Park
Garland Court and Randolph Street        

            Describing his commission to create a 35-foot tall outdoor sculpture for the Heritage at Millennium Park, a 59-story condo tower built on Michigan Avenue, Richard Hunt called it “as good as it gets for a sculptor.” In this instance, the artist, the architect and the landscape architect were all given roughly equal status under the direction of the developer, who controlled the budget. As Hunt has produced more public works of sculpture than any other artist in the United States, including 35 in the Chicago area, he has many years of experience with the practical as well as the aesthetic concerns that go into a large-scale project.
            A welded stainless steel piece, We Will leaps from its stippled metal pedestal like a flame dancing in the breeze. In keeping with his concern that the scale of the work should “integrate the sculpture into the site in a harmonious or contrasting way,” viewers should note that the curving façade allows enough space for passers-by and for Hunt’s work, enhancing the environment for tenants of the tower and pedestrians entering the building’s pedway, which joins with other downtown tunnels.

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