Space Junction of Energy

Space Junction of Energy, 1970
Jerald Jacquard
CTA Belmont Station
945 West Belmont Avenue
            Originally installed in 1974 at the Kimball station as part of the Chicago Transit Authority’s modernization project, this welded steel-plate sculpture was moved recently to the Belmont station on the Brown/Red/Purple lines. Intended to suggest the movement of mass through space, the geometric forms seem to either expand or compress, as the viewer changes his or her location, thus creating a new composition. As the artist explains, two of the components are balanced upon wedges “to dramatize its weight and compression.” The third component rests upon a non-functional wheel, suggestive of potential movement as well as the wheels of the trains passing through the station. The industrial orange paint was chosen because it is a good “reflector of volume” and it provides a visual contrast with its gray and brown surroundings.

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